CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

Chartered Financial Analyst is a world renowned qualification suitable for professionals seeking a career in financial markets, investment banking, treasury or corporate finance.The CFA is a postgraduate program. The readings assigned in the study program and the questions on the CFA examinations are designed for individuals who are prepared to deal with “masters” level course work. No specific prerequisite courses of study are prescribed for enrolling in the CFA Program.

Recognition & Credibility of CFA Charterholders

Employers around the world honor the CFA designation and clients regard them with a presumption of expertise. Employers and clients require professionals who demonstrate competence in implementing international investment strategies When you earn the CFA designation, you’ll join more than 69,000 charterholders around the world who are active investment professionals with senior responsibility.

Basic Entry Requirements:

The eligibility is a 4-year bachelor’s degree. If an applicant does not have a degree, relevant professional work experience or combination of college/university and professional work experience of at least 4 years may be acceptable.


The CFA examination is offered at locations throughout the world. Candidates must complete three levels of examinations sequentially. Candidates who fail an examination are encouraged to repeat the level. Exams for level I are held twice a year in June and December whereas, level II & IIIare held in June only. The Levels I & II examinations are composed of multiple-choice questions and level III consist of essays and item sets (MCQs). Candidates may enroll for only one examination at a time. Candidates must wait to receive their examination results before enrolling for the next examination, since the results will determine whether a candidate must repeat the current level or advance to the next level.

Registration & Enrollment

You can register online or download enrollment form from CFA web site After an application is approved, official acceptance e-mail is sent if all entrance requirements are met. If you do not receive an official acceptance e-mail or notice of incomplete application within six to eight weeks after submitting your application, you should contact CFA Information Center.

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